Go Green

Published on 25 June 2023 at 18:31

Go green (with paint)!

Pick your favorite shade of green and paint the town (or rather the walls).

You can always continue your theme by adding art that includes the same shade (or is complimentary). In the image to the right, the pillowcases, wall art and paint color of the wall work together perfectly.

This Boho Rose Pincushion Cactus print is now available in the Zuzi's Petal & Pics shop (as an 8 by 10 art print -- larger sizes coming soon).

Add accents of green

There are also lots of ways to add a little green to your decor without having to paint or to compliment a painted wall:


  • Consider adding an indoor plant, succulent, or cactus to your space. 
  • Hanging plants in macrame holders can give or add to a Boho vibe.
  • White pots for your plants can work well if you are going for a Core Cottage feel.
  • You could even add a terrarium to bring in more green color (depending on its size).

Add a pop of color with artwork

Choose a piece of wall art (or several pieces that go together) that include a shade of green you like or that matches your decor. 

Don't worry if the image includes other colors (as long as it doesn't clash with the other artwork you are adding to the wall). 

The green in the design will pull everything together. 

The Boho Tulips piece (to the right) will be available soon when the full collection is released in July - stay tuned.

Similar to the ceramic plant pot above, you can add green accents to any room. In the bathroom, think soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. In the bedroom, maybe candle containers and jewelry holders. In a living room space (and maybe bedrooms too), add pieces of pottery, like the one to the left (which is from @PotteryBarn).

Have you added green inside your home? Share in the comments if you like - we'd love to know.
Please feel free to share this blog post with someone who might like to add a little green to their life (and home). 

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