I’m a photographer, artist, and online administrator. I am ever evolving and creating new things. I’m drawn to flowers as they represent hope and rebirth.


I have been into art since 4th grade and have re-connected to it with my watercolor painting and my Etsy Shop. 


I studied art and journalism/public relations in college. After college, I moved to Los Angeles where I worked as an assistant in various entertainment companies, including Warner Brothers Records, Motion Pictures, and Cartoons, as well as at Solters, Roskin, and Friedman Public Relations and the William Morris Agency. 


I then moved across country to New York city where I worked for Epic Records, before being promoted to Product Manager at Atlantic Records. 


I now live in Portland, Oregon and have primarily utilized my administrative, communications and marketing skills to bear at various non-profit organizations. 


Currently, I am getting back to my artistic roots, as well as providing creative support services, specializing in working with female entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, as well as Etsy Shop Sellers. 


I look forward to connecting with you, whether that be for administrative and/or creative support or for my art and Etsy shop products. 


Feel free to connect with me by sending an email via the contact form on the Contact Page.